spinning red cartoon heart
cute cartoon hermit crab
hello kitty riding a dolphin
cartoon frog hoping
pixel Anthy
pixel Utena
pixel Wakaba
cartoon shooting star
This song is "The Witness" from my brother's band Candle Opera! Go stream it on offical sources heart emoji

There's SO much

I got back into digital art in 2022 after never really being able to piick it up before. mostly due to getting into tabletop games(Thanks Basil et al). it's seprate from the others because i very intentionally don't take it serious because if i did i would stop enjoying it. You'll see alot of this collected in the various pages for ttrpg games, but alot of it is also just fun unrelated/minorly related stuff/ artfight stuff

actually putting the gallery right in here! images are placeholders thus no alt text for now