spinning red cartoon heart
cute cartoon hermit crab
hello kitty riding a dolphin
cartoon frog hoping
pixel Anthy
pixel Utena
pixel Wakaba
cartoon shooting star
This song is "The Witness" from my brother's band Candle Opera! Go stream it on offical sources heart emoji

I don't do much of this anymore

I'm still proud of my old work though. i'd like to get back into some things, ESPECIALLY b&w photography and printmaking. Printmaking will be definetly soon but LOL at the price of silver. This is mostly documented ok, not super great, but could be worse LOL

links will be here eventually lol i gotta fuck around with the css. also probably a manifesto on how i hate the word talent and the inherit misogyny of seperating "fine" art and craft and yadda yadda but im having too much fun making all my links work so one day


  • Painting and shit

  • Sculpture

  • Photography

  • Prints